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Total Web Solutions is an ICANN Accredited Registrar (since 1999) and Nominet Member Registrar. Whether you are looking to register traditional domain names such as or .com, more generic 'Top Level' domains such as .technology, .construction, .design etc, or local government and higher education institution domains ( and we can facilitate the registration for you.

Transfer your domain names into Total Web Solutions if they are held elsewhere. Free transfer-in for all Nominet (, etc) domains. Generic Top Level Domains such as .com and .net require a 1 year renewal as part of the transfer process.

Who can register these domains?

Registrations for .cymru and .wales are open to everyone all over the world, so you can apply for one or both of these names with no restrictions.

The cost (in addition to any application fee) is £11.25 per domain per year.

So to register your .wales and/or .cymru domain just call our sales team on 0844 856 0681 or email us as [email protected]

Total Web Solutions is a JANET/Jisc (the UK's education and research network) approved Registrar ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the registration of domain names, for use by local government and higher education institutions.

The eligibility policy was reviewed in 2014 to ensure the policy reflects the current landscape for tertiary education and research within the UK. Please click on the below links for full details on eligibility: eligibility guidelines: View eligibility guidelines: View eligibility guidelines: View eligibility guidelines: View

If you meet the requirements and wish to proceed with the registration you would need to complete a template form supplied by us. Once completed we will review the application and raise the invoice for payment. The registration cost is £199.00 (ex VAT) for the first 2 years registration plus a non-refundable application fee of £40.00 (ex VAT).Subsequent renewals are every 2 years at £99.00 (ex VAT). The payment must be made directly to Total Web Solutions before an application could be submitted to JANET on your behalf. Unsuccessful applications would be refunded in full for the registration fees (but not the application fees).

Please contact us to assist you in registering your chosen domain names. Domains can be hosted with Total Web Solutions directly on one of our Shared/Cloud/Managed Servers or if you prefer you can use an alternative host.

Contact the team on 0844 856 0681 (opt 1)  if you wish to discuss your requirements.

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Note: We do not charge monthly for domain names as some providers do. We have found that companies that do this often register the domain as themselves as the legal owner which means should you ever wish to transfer the domain name they will charge you hansomely to change the ownership. Coupled with this they often charge extortionate fees to transfer a domain away, in some cases 10 times the price to register the domain name. With our prices, the price you see is what you are charged and there are no hidden fees and we will always register a domain to the person or organisation you specify and not ourselves.

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Domain Registrant Change Policy and FAQ

Starting December 1, 2016, ICANN's new transfer policy modifies the way registrant information can be changed for gTLD domain names. The new policy affects resellers, registrars, and service providers who sell gTLD domain names, as well as all domain name owners (registrants). Details of the policy change are provided below.

The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) governs domain name transfers between ICANN registrars. The new provisions in the IRTP now specifically include changes to domain ownership (changes to the registrant). This means that any time a material change to a domain name’s registrant first name, last name, or email address occurs, a sequence of confirmations emails are now required for the registrant information to be modified. Please keep in mind that now even small changes to a domain name’s registrant first name, last name, organization, and email address may trigger the validation process. This new ICANN policy takes effect on December 1, 2016.

Whenever there is a material change to a domain name’s registrant first name, last name, or email address, confirmation must be provided by both the old registrant entity and the new registrant. Failure to provide confirmation from either party will cancel the change of registrant and all registrant information will remain that of the prior registrant. Old or new registrants have the opportunity to confirm through an email within fourteen (14) days that is sent by us.

Starting December 1, 2016, it will no longer be possible to change the registrant of a domain name with a simple domain modification request. When making a material change to the registrant of a domain name, the following will occur:

An email will be sent to the current registrants email address for approval of the change of registrant. If the registrant email address has also been modified then an email will also be sent to the new registrant email address for approval of the change of registrant. All parties have to approve the change before the registrant details will be updated. If any party denies the change then the requested change of registrant will be cancelled. If after 14 days approval has not been received then the change will expire and be cancelled.

As part of the ICANN policy when a change of registrant is authorised a 60 days transfer lock will be enforced. This means the domain cannot be transferred to another registrar during this lock period. However the current registrant has the option to opt-out of this 60 day lock when approving the change.

The new ICANN transfer policy requires confirmation if there are any changes to the registrant:
· first name
· last name
· organization name
· email address
Any change, even small changes, may require the confirmation process to take effect.

Both the old and if applicable the new registrant must confirm.

Both the old and new registrant must confirm, therefore, the one registrant can confirm for both. Opting-out of the post sixty (60) day transfer lock at submission is recommended for this scenario, which will trigger an email to the old registrant email.
If the old registrant does not confirm the change of registrant within fourteen (14) days, the domain name registrant information (whois data) will remain the same.

In case of an invalid Old Registrant mail address a manual process will be available. The Old Registrant needs to explicitly confirm in a written form they approve of the change of registrant. Since postal mail would hold things up, we will accept scans. Contact our support team in the normal manner if this is the case.

Below show the example of the authorisation email

Subject: Change of Registrant for [domainname]

We have received a request on yyyy-mm-dd to update the registrant information for the domain [domainname] as follows:

Registrant Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Organisation: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Street: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Street: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant City: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant State: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Zip Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Country: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Fax: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registrant Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You have received this message because you were listed as the PRIOR Registered Name Holder for this domain name in the WHOIS database. Please Read the following important information about changing the registrant information for your domain name:

If you AGREE with this change of registrant request, then within fourteen (14) days of this confirmation notice please click on this link [LINK]

If you DO NOT AGREE with the details of this change of registrant request the either simply ignore this email and all unconfirmed request automatically expire and are cancelled after fourteen (14) days. You can also click this link to cancel the change [LINK]


If the new registrant has a problem with their email, then simply resubmit using a new email address for the new registrant.
Both the old and new registrant are notified by email that the change of the registrant has completed. A sixty (60) day transfer lock is applied unless this is opted-out by the old registrant.
No, it only applies to generic top-level domains (gTLDs) governed by ICANN, such as .com / .net /.org / .info etc..
Any domain using the privacy service will only be affected if the underlying registrant data has a material change. Turning on or off privacy services does not change the registrant and therefore does not constitute a material change.