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VOIP stands for Voice Over IP. This essentially means having a phone conversation with someone over an Internet Connection instead of a telephone line. A voice conversation is converted into small packets of information at one end of a telephone conversation and sent down your broadband connection to a similar connection at the other end where it is converted back to voice so they can understand you at the receiving end of the phone call.

The technology requires a good Internet connection and, a compliant router and also a telephone handset that can be either an analog phone (requires an adapter) or a VOIP phone (plugs directly into compliant router).

VOIP is a digital form of voice communication which previously used analog attenuated signals to achieve the same thing. VOIP however is clearer as you are not restricted to the limited bandwidth given to analog voice calls and also has a built in Quality Of Service mechanism that ensures a quality connection that does not get interferance from other calls.

You may already be happy with your analog phone service and do not wish to change it. However, from the end of 2025 the analog method of making phone calls will no longer be available and therefore you must upgrade to VOIP if you wish to continue to make voice calls from your home or office.

Total Web Solutions offers two types of VOIP solution. This depends on the number of channels and volume of calls you make or receive from your business. We offer a VOIP Solution allowing upto two channels on the same telephone number (can make or take two calls simultaneously) and a SIP solution offering more channels and a inclusive data channel for your media and other internet requirements.

VOIP-Plus Service

Low Cost, fixed rate business VOIP rental to reduce your costs.

Just £5.00 p.m.

  • Easy installation
  • One Month Contract
  • Two channels included
  • Per Second Billing
  • No call Connection charge
  • Very competitive call rates

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Save money

Per second billing, low daytime call rates, no call setup or minimum call charges.

Easy to move your phone service

Let us know you want to move and we'll take care of the rest. Keep your existing phone number with no downtime.

No long term contracts

One month contract. No tie in to 12 or 24 months contracts required.

Great support

UK based Technical Support and Aftercare


We can provide your Broadband, phone service including calls all from the same company. One point of contact for all your telecom and internet requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the VOIP-Plus service works over a Fibre broadband connection or other Internet based networking product such as SOGEA.

Yes, we can only route voice traffic over a connection we have control of. We can move your service over from another provider.

Two phones can be plugged directly into your router. Either a VOIP compliant router if you have VOIP phones or an AT Adapter is required if you have analog phones you wish to continue to use.

No, only one phone number can be used with either a single phone or two separate phones, each capable of holding separate conversations.

Yes, any customer already utilizing our Lines & Calls service can port over to the VOIP-Plus service.

Yes, we can convert ISDN 2 over to VOIP-Plus.

No, as the VOIP-Plus solution is designed for 1 or 2 voice channels and therefore you must look at our SIP-Plus solution.

Yes we can transfer some services from other providers but not all. Ask the Sales Department to check for you.

We recommend buying one of our compliant routers that are pre-configured for your account and the VOIP-Plus service.

Yes we can provide VOIP phones or AT Adapters depending on your requirements.